Preserving and stewarding farms, ranches, rural homesteads and country estates. For the benefit of everyone.

Have a legacy land situation, or property to sell, you want help with?

The first farmer was the first man and all historic nobility rests on possession and use of land.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Open Lands is a privately funded trust that invests in land and rural properties for preservation or limited development.

We believe that through private efforts, rural countryside can be protected or developed for the benefit of everyone. “Intelligent Rural Development” underlies the fact that many unique rural properties are not suitable for intensive development or urban sprawl, but  should be preserved in large parcels that respect the property’s natural features.

Working  together with Sellers, Brokers and Land Trusts, we seek opportunities to steward suitable farms, ranches, and country estates.  And protect or re-market them for the benefit of the surrounding community and region.

The landscape  of America, and our nation’s unique vision or ‘dream’ of freedom and responsibility, will be forever changing. At the heart of the Open Lands mission, is our commitment to help people manage this change. With a vision for the future, and respect for the inherent values of land ownership, stewardship, and responsible freedom.